About Us:

A cog in skill India programme Walursol Inc. is an IT based ,independent, multi –specialising in host of service .Walursol derived its name from fresh water Lake walur which is one of the largest fresh water lakes in Asia. Founded in the year 2015,we trace our roots to a lush–green valley in Himalayan mountains, Kashmir, India headquarterd at Baran Pather Batamaloo. Walursol provides high technology solutions to all small, medium as well as large companies, We help business to make their online appearance and interactive campaign. Currently trying to expand and get global recognition we help business to take big decision which directs organizations future strategy. We help our clients achieve their overall global business objectives efficiently and cost effectively. We Suggest them areas for growth and expansion. Our mission is to help our clients to set new standards of excellence. Our goal is “Solve to Evolve “,We firmly believe that whenever a problem arises it comes along with solutions. Our turn time and commitment to our clients is important for us, whether its website development, search engine optimization, lead generation, application development we help to tackle all projects irrespective of shape and size. We bring innovative ideas into the business and provide great service in professional manner and are readily available 24x7 and we are eager to help our clients /customers. We bring innovative ideas

Why we are different.

We change the way world sees brand strategizing and promise to launch most voracious brand campaign giving tough competition to the already existent brand houses not locally but trying to do it globally. Our taste is unique blend of local and global ,i.e ,Glocal. Whether its website development ,search engine optimization or lead generation we help in tackling all projects . We provide Hyper- flexible approach, i.e. rule- based and business focused approach and orient our work in same manner Our design, development and maintenance can be easily customized and enhanced to meet your current business challenges. With us by your side you will surely have strong online presence that attracts many customers. Our work is not only limited to websites building but increasing the traffic of a website .Our websites are designed work smoothly on cellphones .Our industry specialization includes a multi-diverse client –base, Real Estate, e-commerce, local business, School, Colleges hotels, tour n travel or any type of lead and sales generation, Banks, and Insurance Companies etc Our multi skilled professional’s have immense experience in traditional and pioneering new technologies ,and includes creative designers ,writers ,strategists ,programmers ,producers and project managers –some of the best in the industry .We deliver technology solutions, using solution frameworks designed to accelerate delivery and reduced cost. We love to do things differently, we are specialized in managing all types of industries provide Highly Customizable and pragmatic solution end–to-end delivery at affordable price. We are always ready for continuous improvement.

What do we do?

At walursol our devops can innovate, network, collaborate, converse, and engage with each other to provide our clients great solutions at affordable price. Here is a list of some of the technologies and platforms that our specialists use to bring you only the best and cost effective solutions:

  • Technology and marketing
  • Web development and designing
  • Web optimization and hosting
  • Online media and marketing
  • Brand identity
  • Innovative solution
  • Software design
  • Professional website development
  • App development
  • Head hunting
  • Support
  • Training and placement
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • SMO
  • Lead Generation
  • Demand Generation
  • Data CDQA


  • Right visibility
  • End-to-end approach
  • Focus on predictability, flexibility, good mentality
  • Visible transparency

Bring solutions in a simplified manner, create opportunities and create an advanced research and development atmosphere at Walursol. Walursol would like to invite people with innovative ideas and give them a platform to turn their dreams into reality.


Our Philosophy –harness the power of emotions to successfully and seamlessly engineer multitude of clients viz, primary secondary and tertiary business sectors .Our approach makes our brands throuoghly distinctive and sets them apart from their customers .We understand the current nuances of cut–throat competition and drive our ideology from sustainability.Our work-motto is based on the system of response generation